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Clever use of web applications

Web Applications

Web browsers have become an essential tool at the workplace for many people and businesses. A mounting number of tasks can be completed using web browsers. Traditional office software is increasingly being displaced by browser based software, a.k.a. “Web Applications”.

This trend is not just convenient, it is also financially attractive. Web applications usually don't require expensive licenses. Furthermore, there is a vast pool of free and open source software that can be drawn upon when developing them. Maintenance efforts are reduced significantly because workstation software no longer needs to be installed and because data and user management is done in central databases.

Our services include the development of custom web applications tailored specifically to fit your needs. We are experienced in a host of different business sectors. We faithfully analyze your requirements to formulate solutions and to maximize saving potentials. Our software solutions are platform independent, low-maintenance and offer great return of investment.

Dynamic creation of PDF documents

Turn any material into documents, flyers or charts, on the fly. Raw data from your databases can be attractively visualized in charts and tables.  All formats can be processed: text, images, graphics, tables, charts, data from databases.

Reservation and reminder services

Ideally, reservations and reminders for employees and customers are managed using a web application. The system works reliably around the clock and can be centrally administered.  Communcation with the participants happends via email, text messaging or app.

Data processing and conversion

All sorts of data can be processed using web applications, regardless of where it comes from.  We can process and convert any data source, be it file, email, api or database.

Content management systems (CMS)

The standard task of any web application is the centralized management of content and assets of any kind. We employ the latest technologies in this field and our services come at a very affordable price.

Mobile publishing

We have the technological expertise to make your publications shine on any mobile platform.  Enhance your content with audio, video and interactive elements and create a media rich reading experience.

Mobile friendly, responsive design

It is not always necessary to create an app.  There are situations where it is more appropriate and cheaper to create a web application instead. Our services include the conceptualization, design and implementation of mobile friendly web application and web sites that are tailored to fit your needs.